Records Search

When accessing records in Winnebago County, there are several search options available. However, please understand the Recorder’s Office cannot search by phone. If you are able to come into our office, we can search for documents at the front desk. For more than 5 searches, we’ll be glad to show you how to locate records using one of our public stations. Copies are just $0.50 per page.  


Online Searches

Direct Search is a free site. Limited searching. No images of documents, only basic information given. Please contact customer support at 1-800-747-4600 or 1-309-794-3200 with any questions or concerns.

Tip: When searching by Party Name, leave comma (,) out of search



Tapestry is an internet based, pay-as-you-go site for the occasional user. The charge is $6.95 per search (fee increases to $8.75 per search effective September 1, 2023), plus $1.00 per printed page.



Laredo is configured more for the commercial user. Laredo and Tapestry Subscriptions For more information about Laredo and Tapestry subscriptions and costs click here.  


Mail-in Records Searches

Plats                                                                     $10.00 per search + $4.00 per page

Documents less than 20 years old                  $10.00 per search

Documents more than 20 years old               $29.00 per search Limit of 5 searches per request. (Self-addressed stamped envelope or email address must be provided for return)

Searches may also be requested by email for the same fees as listed above. Our office will respond with a fee total and link to pay by credit card. While we strive for efficient service, please allow up to 2 business days for completion.  Please send your requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



Additional Resources

WinGIS Property Search is the Winnebago County Geographic Information System website.  For more information or to subscribe, call the WinGIS office at (815) 319-4450.


Tax Lien Database

The Illinois Department of Revenue provides a searchable database of statewide tax liens to locate all tax liens and releases filed by the Illinois Department of Revenue.