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The Winnebago County Public Defender’s Office is located in Rockford, Illinois. With one Public Defender, one First Deputy Public Defender, twenty-eight Assistant Public Defenders and other supporting staff, the office seek to assist Indigent clients in criminal cases. In addition, it provides legal representation to indigent defendants who cannot pay for private counsel and risk losing their liberty if convicted. The Public Defender is court-appointed by a judge when an individual cannot afford an attorney. The Public Defender represents individuals charged with criminal offenses in felony, misdemeanor, and traffic cases. Additionally, the Public Defender is appointed to juvenile delinquency cases and cases involving the abuse and neglect of minors. The mission of the office is to provide the highest quality representation for indigent clients in the protection and safeguarding of their legal rights. The right to counsel guaranteed to every American citizen accused of a crime is embodied in the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution and made applicable to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment. An integral component of the right to counsel is the right to court-appointed counsel for those unable to hire an attorney. Kindly contact the Winnebago County, IL Public Defender’s Office if you require further information.

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Public Defender

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