Auction of Surplus Sales

Purchasing is responsible for stocks of all supplies, materials and equipment, which are no longer used or which have become obsolete, worn out or scrapped. The Director of Purchasing can sell supplies, materials and equipment which cannot be used by any department; or which have been found not to be required for public use; or to exchange or trade-in such articles in part or full payment of new supplies, material or equipment of a similar nature. Purchasing also handles the Sheriff’s Evidence Locker items, which can be anything from golf clubs, bikes, watches, electronics, hand tools, sporting goods, collectibles, jewelry, high-end shoes and clothing.   

GovDeals handles the surplus sales for the County. GovDeals' online auction platform provides services to government, educational, and related entities for the sale of surplus assets to the public. Details on how to bid on County surplus items are explained on the GovDeals website. 

Please visit for more information. Use GovDeals’ Advanced Search tool to locate Winnebago County items.