The voting members of the Council are a member due to the position they hold. The following members will serve on the Council for as long as they occupy the position:

  • Chief Judge, 17th Circuit Court*
  • Presiding Judge, Criminal Division, Winnebago County Circuit Court*
  • Supervising Judge, Winnebago County Juvenile Courts Division
  • State’s Attorney, Winnebago County*
  • Public Defender, Winnebago County
  • Director of Court Services, Winnebago County
  • Trial Court Administrator, Winnebago County
  • Superintendent, Winnebago County Jail
  • Chairman, Winnebago County*
  • Mayor, City of Rockford*
  • Chief of Police, City of Rockford*
  • Sheriff, Winnebago County*
  • Chief Information Officer, Winnebago County IT
  • Representative, Illinois Department of Corrections
  • Branch Chief, U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of IL, Western Division
  • Parole Board Member

      * Denotes Executive membership